Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just a KID

I’ve been wanting to journal for a while, but you know what?

I’ve not much to say.

The kids are great.

Steven and I are great.

Life is a dream come true.

Even with Down syndrome.

Sixteen months ago I thought my life would never be the same.

I worried about medical issues and therapies.

I worried about acceptance and stares.

I worried how the diagnosis would change our family dynamic.

I worried.

Today I go about my day, with my little pumpkin head in toe.

She’s more like the other kids then she is different. Really, the only difference
in raising her is that we play with a purpose and a goal instead of just playing cause’ that’s what you do with a baby.

Her therapists give me ideas about development goals, show me activities to play with her to help her get there, and we play.

We sing.

We dance.

We hide from each other.

We climb (thanks Emmanuel and Sarah for teaching Leah how to climb the stairs… we really needed THAT skill! ;)).

We argue with each other.

And, I even have to discipline!

She likes to think SHE’S the boss…

Leah is just a kid, honestly.

AND a pretty darn cute one at that.

I have encompassed my job of therapist/mom.

I spend most of the day turning every activity we do into something educational/therapeutic for her.

And I love it!

Leah has shown me that I can do anything.

I sometimes call her “My Project,” and I mean that with ultimate adoration for her.

I have made it my mission to teach her and help her develop as much as I can.

I strive to leave no stone unturned, or activity undone, or game unplayed.

I am focused on giving her everything I have within me to help her.

She deserves that.

If I can teach her ½ of what she teaches me, I’ll be alright…

And so will she.