Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We went on a “therapy shopping spree,” at the Dollar Tree.

I just have to say that the BEST Dollar Tree in the world is in Lockport, NY. Every time I go to another one I am disappointed.

Anyways, we bought a ton o’ stuff.

Leah’s been having so much fun with it all.

All of this new stuff has just reinforced how smart my little pumpkin head is.

She has played “appropriately” with all of it, except the wooden beads because I have to sand the inside of them.

Even with those however, she tries really hard to get the string through the holes…

Leah’s speech is improving.

She is beginning to spontaneously verbalize many more words.

She signs and asks for “juice” or “milk” when she’s thirsty.

She signs and asks for “eat” when she’s hungry.

She makes the “yuk” sound when she needs a
diaper change.

(We are getting a potty very soon… had one in the cart today but I think I will wait just a few more weeks until I am ready to work on it with her)

She says “all done” when she’s done.

She says “please” when she wants something.

She says “hi” when she sees someone new…

There is a LOT more but I don’t want to bore everyone…

Leah is trying to jump now and we are working on strengthening her back muscles.

Leah’s core is VERY strong.

I think it’s all of those ball exercises we did to get her to learn to crawl, sit up, and walk.

But, her back is pretty weak and she slouches.

So back to the ball we go.

I’ve also been having her do over-the-head activities as well as wheel barrels to strengthen her shoulders…

I’ve been trying to save for an iPad for her but every time I get some saved, something comes up! :(

Yes, iPads are very beneficial for little ones; it is not just a Mama wish list item.

Hopefully that will come soon.

So if anyone has an extra iPad they’re looking to sell, give me a shout ok? :)

Leah knows (signs, says, and can pick out) the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. We are working on white, black, brown, and pink.

I swear Signing Times music is so helpful with teaching this kid. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Leah definitely has her favorites (Baby Signing Times, My Favorite Things, and Family, Feelings, and Fun) but they are all SO wonderful!

I honestly don’t feel bad letting her watch them more than once a day because the repetition is helping her a ton, plus they teach me the signs and I sing the music when we have Mama/Leah play time, it all just reinforces the skills and words.

Except now she’s learned to put the DVD in the ps3 by herself and sometimes she does it upside down when I’m out of the room!

(I never taught her this, I discipline her when she does it, but that darn stubborn Sones’ trait always comes through! ;))

So, see my baby IS a smarty pants.

I’m not just a bragger! :)